Ocean Shipping

Destination forwarding agency in Europe

Container shipping, including full container load (FCL) and less container load (LCL)

Service Lines: China to Europe, Europ to China, Europe to India & Pakistan, China to Central & Middle America, China to India & Pakistan

air freight/express

freight by air from Europe to China (incl.HongKong)/express

air freight from China to Europe

express from China to Europe

Logistics, warehousing, distribution

In European Union and Eastern Europe we are committed to provide customized and one-stop shop logistics services for shipper/consignor or consignee. In the EU, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, etc., we provide oncarriage to inland points service, warehousing and import customs clearance service, also provide devanning, consolidation, and distribution to transport to-door service. At major ports of Eastern Europe , such as RIGA, KLAIPEDA, we provide trailer/haulage transportation and warehousing, transit to inland cities, and other services, such as import/export customs clearance broker service and distribution of cargoes to door.

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